Leaving a Legacy

After attending a Memorial Service yesterday, I have realized how important it is to walk the walk and talk the talk while you are living. I want people to remember good things about me and I want to leave a Christian legacy to my family. We never know how we will touch the people we come in contact with. We must always show love as Christ showed for us and we will surely bless others.

I have been studying Abraham in Genesis and how he left a faithful legacy to his descendants. He followed God and listened to His Word. He was not perfect and did make mistakes, however, he always worshipped The Lord and asked for forgiveness. We are going to fall and sin, but I’m so glad to know that The Lord sent His son to die for me so I would have eternal life. Gods love is real and unconditional. We can not imagine the love it takes to die for someone, but I know the love I have for my son. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son, would we be willing to do the same?

Dear Lord, thank you for loving me more than words can say. Please give me the strength to live in a manner that glorifies you. I want others to say good things about me when I am no longer here on earth. I want to meet you one day and hear the words, “Good job, you faithful servant.” Amen.

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