The 5-Question Filter

These 5 questions have opened up my eyes to Hearing God’s Voice.  There have been and will be times when we hear something and are not sure if it is God’s will, however, by asking myself these 5 questions I can feel assured it is God’s will.  
I know since I have been out of work, God has been speaking to me about growing closer to Him, and listening to Him.  Joining this Bible Study, I know was God’s will.  I feel Him working in my life and heart like never before.  Now that I’m hearing Him, I HAVE TO START DOING!  
I’m working daily on connecting more with God and with what He has in store for me.  I know having this chronic illness is not just for me, but for me to touch other people’s lives.  
Dear Lord, I’m praying that my ears and heart stay open to hear your voice.  I pray I acknowledge it is you by asking these questions.  I pray I do not let my insecurities stop me from doing what you should have me do.  Thank you for all my many blessings and for being my Father, my Protector, my Healer and my Friend.  Amen.

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