Fire, Ashes, Life

I was watching a scene from a movie, where a rich couples home was destroyed by fire. After the fire they went into the home and all they had left of their possessions were ashes.  It made me think about possessions and life.

In our life we have so many things we try to accumulate, drawings we save from our children, big houses, nice furniture, classy clothes, beautiful pictures.  I wondered do I love these things more than my Lord.  I always think about things I want to do to my house, things I want to buy, clothes we need, ways to organize, ways to make things look better but I should be thinking about lasting things. 
My thoughts should be carrying food to a needy family, buying necessities  for someone in need, giving away our clothes to people who have none and just making memories spending time with family and friends laughing and enjoying each other’s company.  
Sunday was my husbands birthday and after we ate lunch we rode to his hunting club.  We rode around with our son looking at land, deer, turkey’s, the perfect majesties God made that we have FREE.  I had such a relaxing day making memories. 
But then I came home and it’s back to the real world.  The hustle and bustle, the worrys, life.  Thinking about things I need to do and things I thinks I want to do,  I sometimes wish we could go back to the days when things were simple. 
Wait a minute, we can.  This is our choice.  
My goal for the rest of the year and next year is to keep it simple. Do not worry, do not rush, to slow down and smell the roses, (well with the cold there is no roses, but we can smell the cool brisk air).  I do not want to sit and meditate on worldy possessions but on my Eternal Salvation – what I can take with me when my days our over.  
I want my family to be able to have memories of me not just pictures, a well-organized house, decorated home decor, scrapbooks.  Things that can be destroyed in a moment by fire or moth.  
I want memories that will never be forgotten that live in their minds forever.  I do not want my life to go up in ashes trying to accumulate things that can go up in ashes.  I want to spend my eternity in Heaven with everything I will ever need.  I want eternal salvation with my Heavenly Father so I can have a mansion in Heaven one day! 


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