A Raging Battle

Have you ever been sitting at friend, coworker or family members house and look around at all they have?  Do you ever wonder how the “Jones” have so much, (big house, nice vehicles, iPhones for all three kids) and how they make ends meet?  Do you ever sit and look around and wish you had more?

I do!  I do! I do!    (The sound of a raging lion would now need to play.)

I know The Lord tells me to not covet or lust over other peoples possession but it is so hard.  This Made to Crave study is helping me and going to help me quieten the lion. (Insert the sound of a kitty cat purring.)

Along with my food cravings, my material cravings is stealing my happiness. I REFUSE to keep living as a prisoner. The Lord WILL and DOES provide all my NEEDS, but my wants are a different story. I’m learning I do not have to crave those things, because The Lord is working with me and will provide what He sees I need.

My goal is to memorize more scriptures. When my cravings begin raging like a lion, I will quote scripture to quieten that lion.  It may be something that I think is permissible, but is it really beneficial to me?  These same rules will apply with my food cravings as well. 

I CORINTHIANS 10:23, “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.”  


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