Week 2 – Made to Crave



I do want to invite a friend to help me on my journey to healthy eating because of ACCOUNTABILITY. 

It’s so easy to cheat when no one knows you are cheating, however, when you have someone you can confide in and tell EVERYTHING to it helps. I have gone through several weight loss programs in my life. The best one was Weight Watchers – because you went weekly and weighed in. I was accountable for my weight. This is why I did so well.

BUT since being diagnosed with RA and going on Prednisone for about 2 years, I have gained all that weight back and more. Before this OBS, I began in November starting to lose weight. It’s very hard to do on your own.

I have recently (last week) asked my best friend to join me in this OBS and be my partner and I will be her partner. I believe with having that person to go to daily and talk to we will make so much progress.

I am DETERMINED to make it through this! I have my friend, God and most of all 41000+ friends in the Online Bible Study, Made to Crave – that’s better than Facebook – to help me!

Come on Ladies we can do this!!!

I was a cheerleader for 7 years (elementary, high school and college) and I have decided to get back in to cheering (not back into my uniform LOL). I’m going to be cheering everyone on daily – quoting scriptures, praying, singing songs, and chanting everyone to success.

Let’s do this Team Made To Crave! We need a mascot – Oh Yeah its the orange monster!


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