Halfhearted Efforts = Medicore Results

Now that is a title that hits below the belt literally!

I’m finishing my third week of The Made to Crave Online Bible Study and I’m improving daily.  Everyday I’m learning new things about myself and about God.

Chapter 9 had a statement that really hit home –  “Halfhearted Efforts produce Mediocre Results.  I’ll give you a moment to repeat that.

Okay, does that not hit below the belt.  I have been studying this Bible Study and I thought doing good, however, after reading this it made me wonder.  Wonder a lot.  It made me wonder how much effort was I really putting into this?  A little or a lot?  How much time was I really reading and memorizing scripture to use during those cravings and hart times?  How much time was I dwelling on eating things I know are not healthy?  How much time was I moving or exercising? 

I have been doing it halfhearted so my results have not been great.  I have been making my health condition, Rheumatoid Arthritis, a stumbling block to my exercising.  But it does not have to be.  There are things I can do to keep moving and exercise.  I just have to realize it and do it.  I have been letting TV, Facebook, Games interfere with time I could be studying and memorizing scripture.  I have to stop thinking about the bad foods and why I think I deserve them and remember they are not healthy.
I have decided to give it 100% and I mean 100%, not 99.9%.

My focus is honoring the Lord with by body and not my crazy cravings.  The Lord knows I have RA, but he also knows that is not an excuse.  OVERRULED! (If you are in the study you understand this.)  I’m trying to remember that what I do is not only helping me physically but spiritually and mentally.

Next week is going to be even harder than this week, BUT I know I will make it.  I must give it my all and the results will happen.  

If you are not a part of the Made to Crave Online Bible Study, you can still join.  I have provided a link to help you get started.  Online Bible Study

Go out and make it a Great Day not a Mediocre Day!

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