Time With God and Family

Today is another wintery day in Four Oaks, North Carolina. Don’t get me wrong being cooped up in a house for a few days can depress or sadden anyone.  But I am looking at the positive.  Spending more quality time with family and having the chance to read and study His Word more.

We should all take this time to have some family devotion with God. He made this beautiful splendor so why not Praise Him!  

My child and I have been watching, “Courageous” and “Facing the Giants”.  This gives me the chance to discuss how God works in our lives and remind Him God is Good!

Take this time today to not only make memories but also instill God in the hearts of your family.  
Dear Lord.  Thank you for this beautiful snow. Thank you for the opportunity to spend quality time with my son. I know my pain my be bad but looking at your splendor makes it all worthwhile.  AMEN. 

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