Lamentations 3:22-24

As Melissa, the OBS leader put it this week in one of her videos, “Week Five, We Are Feeling Alive” is so very true.  This comment goes along with the call we had in the Monday Morning MTC Call, where they said one of the 4 reasons not to quit is “God’s not done with you – you are still here – you are alive.”  We are still here and God’s Love is great and he is with us every morning.   

Lamentations 3:22-24 is our verse for Week 5 on the Made To Crave Online Bible StudyThis week’s verse is so full of truths.  

In verse 22, God’s love and compassion NEVER fail.  That’s right NEVER fail.  We may fail BUT God NEVER fails.  He LOVES us and is with us through each challenge we have.  

In verse 23, we can start anew every morning.  We may not have done as good as we would have liked yesterday, BUT today is a NEW DAY.  God’s faithfulness should make us confident everyday.  I have added a link to the song “Great is Thy Faithfulness“.  Take a moment to listen and let this song enter your heart, mind, and soul.  

Great is They Faithfulness

Now was that not refreshing and new.  Now let’s move on to the last and my favorite.

In verse 24, “The Lord is my portion.”  Portion means a portion or section of something.  I want The Lord to be ALL MY PORTIONS.  I will wait for him to help me, answer me, find me, heal me, etc.  He is ALL I NEED.  I know portion control is important in weight loss, but with God your portion can be so much bigger.  He is your portion and will get you through every challenge, obstacle, or craving you encounter.  He is always with you so Wait and Listen to Him.   

I hope you will take this verse and make it your own.  What the verse means to me, may not be what it means to you.  God is speaking to you in the way you need.  I pray you will answer Him and let Him be all you need, your portion not that bowl of ice cream.  

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