Soul-filling Satisfaction – Week 5 Made to Crave Study

“For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things” (Psalm 107:9). How do you respond to this promise? If you could ask God for one good thing that would help you to feel a deep and soul-filling satisfaction, what would it be? (Ch. 13, RQ 6)


Before I even looked at the Blog options for this week, I had already decided to do a post on the last question.  But I guess since this is a Blog Hop option, it was God’s way of speaking to me.

The first part of this question was much easier for me than the second.  I’ll address the easy before the hard.

I’m thankful to know that God is my fountain of life and quenches my thirst with his living water.  I know that God is my only real bread that can leave me full.  This is a great verse to memorize and keep close by, especially when the cravings start.

Now, on to the hard part of the question.  I sat and pondered this for a while.  At first I thought about health, money, happiness, a family with no issues, world peace – all the go to answers in the world.  But after really reading and getting to the heart of it I realized what one good thing I wanted.  

To open my mind and heart to have the knowledge and understanding of The Word better when I’m studying and reading His Word in order to spread my knowledge and understanding to others where You call me.  

I think with this, it would fill all my satisfactions.  I know from reading and studying the Bible, He will provide my daily manna, He will provide my needs (not wants necessarily), He will always be my friend, He will always be there for me, He is my peace.  

If I can have the knowledge to understand His Word more I would could stop my cravings, spread the Word, and be a better Christian.  This is a lot to ask for and you will have a lot to be responsible for, however, I think we all CRAVE a closer more intimate relationship with our Father. 

I can not imagine and do not want to know a life without my Living Water and Bread of Life.  

Now what is the one thing you would give you the soul-filling satisfaction you need.  Sit and read the verses and let God speak to your heart.  You may be shocked at the answer and learn He has more in store for you!


  1. Very insightful blog! I, like you, thought of all those types of things to ask for too. But, in my final answer in my journal, I thought I would ask for something very similar to you. I would ask for a closer relationship with God. Because I know that if I grow closer to him, everything else that I need will grow out of that and I will be a better person, no matter what I may think I need physically or spiritually. Thanks for sharing today!
    Sherrie (Group 12)

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