Never Forget that With God Nothing is Impossible

God works in His Time and in His Way.  This has been proven to me more this week than ever. 

Last year the doctor took me out of work due to a health condition. I became involved with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies.   I had followed their devotions for years. 

It was great. I felt myself spending more time with God and growing spiritually. This was a good thing since I was having problems emotionally from being taken out of work before the age of 40. 
I have wanted to go to The Cove in Asheville for a personal retreat for years. Last July when I was taken out of work, it made this more of a goal and something I felt I needed BUT I knew financially IMPOSSIBLE!!
Remember, God has a plan. 
A few months ago Proverbs 31 announced a Bible Study Retreat where else BUT THE COVE!!!  Really!! I HAD TO GO!!!
What else, it was the weekend of my fathers birthday who passed away in 2006. He was my heart. 
Well I started praying and I was determined I was going. 
During an OBS, “Am I Messing Up My Kids”, Proverbs 31 was giving away a scholarship. I prayed this was the way I could go. I entered and worked on it so hard. I posted everyday many times in social media. But in the end, I did not win.
Well an awesome thing happened from my posts. Evidently I touched someone’s heart with a post. They contacted me privately on social media.  They said they were not a religious person, but a post I had done touched them. They said they couldn’t get it out of their head and had it on their heart to give me some money to help me out to go on retreat.  They put a very nice amount of money in my mailbox one day.  They may not be religious BUT I know this was the Holy Spirit working through me to touch them. But they touched me as well. 
Again, that was GOD’s PLAN. 
The day after the scholarship drawing, I posted on Facebook I did not win. A good friend of mine that sales Thirty-One bags message me and said she would love to help me out. She was willing to give me all her commission if I did an online party,  Really??  
God must not have wanted me to win, HE wanted me to work for it. Well, we are in the process of doing the show. (Not sure how much I’m going to get yet but anything will be AWESOME).  

I love to coupon. I have done several classes in the past, BUT none willl compare to this one.  This past Monday night I did a class. I advertised it on social media and everywhere. 

To my shock, guess how many people showed up. THIRTY-ONE !!!

Now this did not even hit me until Tuesday. Thirty-one. Proverbs 31 retreat. 

With the class donations and the donation I was given, I had enough money to pay for retreat and help on gas. REALLY!!

Yes really.  There is no doubt GOD IS WORKING.


Now I have never done anything like this. No girls weekend away from home, nothing. This is going to be different BUT IT IS WHAT I HAVE PRAYED ABOUT. 

I know God has something planned for me. I’m not sure what, BUT I I’m ready. 

Never say something’s impossible. WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. 

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