13 Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

Faith…. The definition of “FAITH” on the definition website is “confidence or trust in a person or thing.”

This morning my heart is heavy for so many people.  Mothers watching their children go through sickness, wives watching their husbands with a terrible disease, parents sending their children off to school or college for the first time, death in families and so many more.

In this world with so much tugging at our heart and emotions, I do not know how people without Christ in their heart can survive.  I do not know why these bad things happen to good people.  I do not know why one mother has a healthy child and another does not.

All I know is I must have the FAITH.  I must be COURAGEOUS.  I must be STRONG.  I know God has my back and I know He is with me every step. 

I also know that at this moment I may not be going through a storm as some people are so I will pray. I pray they have the FAITH.  I pray they stay COURAGEOUS.  I pray they stay STRONG.  

I pray I do not take my good days for granted.  I pray I do not take my children, my husband, my family for granted.  I pray I enjoy every moment I have with them.

When life is going so fast that I do not know what we have to do next, I pray I will stop and smell the roses, look at a sunrise or a sunset, or just sit with my family and soak up the moment like a sponge.  Sometimes it takes sickness or bad things to make you do these things.  I pray I do not wait until then to realize I did not tell them “I Love You”.

I challenge everyone today not going through a storm to soak up the moment, to have FAITH, to be COURAGEOUS, to be STRONG for the friends and families that are.  If you can not be there for them, PRAY for them, SEND them a note of love.  These things are just as important to them.

I pray for all the ones on my heart this morning and I know GOD is with them.  I pray they are FAITHFUL, COURAGEOUS AND STRONG!


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