My “Best Yes”

Psalm 110:10. The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  

This last weekend I visited a placed I have dreamed to go for years, THE COVE, in Asheville, NC. I have looked into going for a personal retreat several times but never pursued my dream. 

Proverbs 31 made my dream happen by hosting a retreat there.  The title of the retreat was “REAL LIFE DREAMS”. Are you starting to see something?? 

The Lord had His hands in it. 

The retreat seminars were powerful and full of blessings. Words can not express how I felt or how much it touched my life. The only thing I can say when people ask is “AWESOME” as tears come to my eyes. 

I have never been away like this before, away from my family, and especially not on a spiritual retreat. The Lord had His hand in it from the beginning. From providing the money to go, to providing a great friend to go with me, to providing support from my husband, to moving in my soul so much that it almost takes my breath away. 

I decided on Saturday night, after Nicki’s anointed message from God, I was going to pursue my dreams. But at that time, I wasn’t really sure what The Lord had in mind for my dream. I decided that Wednesday would be my day to be with The Lord all day and listen to Him and begin my dream journey. (I couldn’t do on Monday or Tuesday because my husband was off work and I needed to spend time with him and besides Wednesday I would be by myself all day.)

Well, it’s Wednesday and this day has been great. I have studied. I have read. I have listened. I have made decisions.  

I have decided on 2 dreams to pursue. The first dream is to get out of debt which I think is every one’s life long dream. 

The second dream is to be more persistent to write on my blog daily. I started my blog to help me cope with my medical condition and having to go into “early retirement”.  I pray I can help others by writing words of encouragement and letting them know they are not alone. 

I’m not sure how many people will read, or how many lives I will touch.  BUT I know if I give God the glory and let Him lead my path, HIS will will be done, not mine. 

I have always felt very insecure about speaking or writing due to issues in growing up with talking and writing, being put down by others for the way I talk or write and not having a college degree. I have always felt like I was not good enough.  

But I will overcome my obstacles and fears with The Lord.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 

I started the OBS  “The Best Yes” with Proverbs 31 this week as well. I read the first 3 chapters yesterday and watched the webcast and the session 1 of the DVD today. I have also read the first 3 chapters again, as to not miss anything God may be saying to me. 

I have learned I must schedule the time to pursue my dreams or life will take over. I must decide to not have an overwhelmed schedule but an overwhelmed soul. There is time and I just have to use it wisely. I also know God is with me in this journey. 

I’m praying about all the activities I’m involved in and praying The Lord will help me decide which things are overwhelming my schedule which is underwhelming my soul.  I pray I with decide what my “BEST YES” are and move forward to removing the items that are not.  

Dear Lord, thank you for talking to me today and moving in my heart. I know you have great things planned for me if I will make sure to schedule time for you. Life is too short not to enjoy the blessings you have for me. I pray I will stop letting the worldly possessions and worldly things take away from the spiritual blessings you have for me. Amen. 

If you would like to join me in “THE BEST YES” journey, there is still time. Below is a link to sign up and buy your book. I know you will receive a blessing from it. 
The Best Yes



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