His Love Endures Forever

Psalm 107:6-9

Last weekend at The Cove, I visited the Prayer Room at the Billy Graham Training Center.  First of all, when you walk in, you can fill the Holy Spirit in that place.  And, the view from the prayer bench is just remarkable.  To see the marvelous grandeur of His magnificent creation is more than words can explain!

In the room, there was a basket of verses.  We were asked to pick one.  The verse that The Lord left for me was Psalm 107:6-9.  I decided today I would unwrap the verse and keep it near as I went about my daily routine.  I pray you will gain more knowledge and strength knowing His Love Endures Forever. 

The theme of Psalm 107 is thankfulness to God for saving us and it was written to celebrate the Jews return from their exile in Babylon. If we back up first to the beginning of 107 it reads, “Give Thanks to the Lord for He is good; His Love Endures Forever”.  I am so glad that even when the things of earth do not last forever there is one thing that does.  God’s Love!!!

There has always been pain and agony in the world since the fall of Adam and Eve.  Our lives are not perfect and full of joy all the time BUT it is nice to know I have someone to turn (cry) to.  He will deliver us from our stressful situations now just like He did for them then if we will just get on our knees and cry to The Lord!  He can help us with any problems we have.

His Love Endures Forever..  Then and Now.

He will lead us where we need to settle if we will just follow and listen to Him speak to us.  He has a plan and we need to remember that.  His plan is far better than ours.  He has already wrote our story, we just need to make sure we live out the story He wrote not the one we want to write.

At times, we do not understand why we are going through this “city” or this “trial”, BUT I have the assurance that He does.  He is Never Wrong!  

His Love Endures Forever..  Then and Now.

Every day we need to remember to Give Thanks to The Lord for not only His love, but His blessings.  We have so much to be thankful for if we just open our eyes and ears to take notice.  He provides for us in so many ways.  We are His children and He wants to bless us so much if we will just worship and trust in Him.  What if you woke up tomorrow morning with only what you told God you were thankful for yesterday?

His Love Endures Forever..  Then and Now.

He promises to satisfy the thirsty and fill the hungry with good things.  He can give us the “Living Water” which is much more filling than any water from the best springs on earth. 

His Love Endures Forever..  Then and Now.

Do you cry out to The Lord when you are in trouble?  Is it before or after you try to fix on your own or call a friend?  Do you thank God for all your blessings and His love daily?  Do you know what it feels like to be filled with the Living Water?

If you are having troubles in any of these areas, I pray now you will bow on your knees to The Lord and have Him speak to you.  Anything is possible with Him. If you would like me to pray for you, please leave a comment.  There is Power in Prayer!!!

His Love Endures Forever..  Then and Now.

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