What is Your Attitude?

Have you ever had a morning that just did not go as planned??

First you woke up late, then the kids forgot about a homework assignment, you were out of bread for lunch and to top it all off you were out of coffee.  You rush the kids to school, stop to get you some coffee and off to work you go.

You walk in and instead of saying, “Good morning” back to a co-worker when they greet you with “Good morning” you say, “Whats so good about it?”

We have all had bad mornings which end up turning into bad day.  We get home at night and are still upset of how the morning started and now your whole night is ruined.  Your kids are upset about their day and homework, your husband is not being very nice and to top it off the dog is not being very nice either.

Do we realize that our attitude we bring into a situation will be multiplied by those around us???

I really had never looked at my attitude multiplying a situation but it does.

It started with your bad morning, which caused your children to have a bad day because you were so ill this morning.  At work when you greeted the co-worker so rudely, it spread to everyone at the office.  When you get home, you are still so frustrated everyone feels the tension and they start being upset.

So what do we do when the morning starts to smell like a stinking mess??  We don’t try to cover up with room spray, we take a shower and let the water cleanse our stinking mess.

I don’t mean go get in the shower literally.  I mean go get in His Word and let His Living Water cleanse your stinking mess.  Let His Word soak into your skin and into the air to bring out that lovely smell of His Word. It will show in your Words and Actions the rest of the day.  Your skin will ooze with the smell of the Garden of Eden.

Who cares if you are a few minutes late?  Wouldn’t it be better than to smell all day of that rotten smell?  Your family and co-workers would probably appreciate it as well.

Just remember your attitude doesn’t only affect you it affects all those around you.  Your attitude can maximize situations and take them from soft and sweet to hard and stinky.

Do you want to be known as the stinky mom or co-worker, or the mom who smells like roses?  It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes a lot of practice.

Praying and  studying His Word daily will help remove the stinky mess and give you a sweet smell of Jesus.  So go ahead and take a few minutes to soak in His Word and let his Living Water refresh you.

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