Day 3: 3 Small Little Letters


J  O  Y

Those 3 little letters can mean so much.  Don’t you love how small words have such a BIG impact in our lives?

Today I’m going to look at each letter individually as to help us perceive JOY in a different way.

Well of course I love the letter “J”.  It’s the beginning of my name.  It’s the beginning of Jesus’s name.  I always think of a J looking like a fishing hook.

When I go fishing, it never fails the hook always ends up sticking me in my fingers, my leg or somewhere.  At the time it may sting and hurt a little, BUT I get it out and keep on fishing.  Just like the hook, hooking me, we need to let our Joy hook on to other people.  Of course we do not want it to sting, we want it to be loving, but you get the picture.  Our Joy should be so awesome, people around us get hooked on it.

Go out today and hook others with your Joy and spread Jesus’s love to someone else.

 fishing hook

On to the “O”.

An “O” is a complete circle.  You do not know where it begins or ends.  It is perfect.  It has no sides.  It has no straight lines.

There are so many things in the world that we try to do or use to make us full of Joy.  Possessions.  People.  Success.  These are the straight lines of our lives.  BUT remember a circle has no straight lines.  So the only thing that should complete our Joy, our circle, is knowing Jesus as our Personal Savior.

Remember if you take the top half of the “O” away you have a smile.  Be Joyful!!


What about the “Y”?  In the English language, there are not many words that begin with a “Y”.  Yoyo. Yearn. Yoga. Yes. YOU!!

Well here I’m using two “Y” words.  Yes You!

Yes, you can make a difference.  Yes, you can share your Joy.  Yes, you can be a shining light to others.  Yes, you can succeed.  Yes, you can do whatever you want because with God all things are possible. Yes, you can decide you are going to be full of joy.  Yes, you can decide you are going to smile.  Yes, you can decide!  It’s your decision.

Never underestimate the power of the Joy God gave YOU.  He gave Yes You Jesus Christ to die for Yes You so Yes You could be complete.

So are you going to say Yes, You to God today!!


I hope you will remember Joy in a different way today.

J    –  Hooked on Jesus

O   –  A complete circle just like God completes you.

Y    – Yes You.  Yes you can do anything with God.

I pray today if you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior you will accept Him.  If you need to talk to someone, please call a friend or just get on your knees and talk to God.  If you would like for me to pray for you, please comment below.  Amen.

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