Day 31 – Joy – The Finish


2 TIMOTHY 4:7 (NIV).  I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Have you ever ran in a marathon or 5K race?  I have not, however, my son in the last few months ran cross country at school.  On the day of competitions they had to run 3.2 miles (I can’t imagine).  When he first started running on August 1, his time was not very good.  The coach kept motivating him along with his teammates.   He ran every day for over a month.   At his first competition, he lowered his time by 4 minutes.  By his last meet, his time was 7 minutes less than when he started.

He ran daily at practice and some times on the weekend.  At practice they would run mile intervals or actually run the course.  The coach had different courses every day.  Some days they would just run sprints.  No matter what, they ran everyday.  Running and practicing was the only way he was going to improve.  At his last race, he was so excited to actually break a PR (personal record).  He had fought the good fight and finished the race strong.  He would not have been able to finish if he did not keep practicing and keep the faith he could do it.

Studying and spending time with God is so much like running a race.  The runner is you.  You start out slow and begin reading and spending a little time with God.   Your coach is God motivating you along the way.  As you read and study daily, you become stronger in the Word and stronger in your faith.  After a few months, you are such a different person and are spending more and more time with the Lord.

You keep running day after day, month after month, year after year, until your race is over.  When others look back over your path of your race, will they know you fought the good fight?  Will they know you kept the faith?  Will they know you had the JOY of God daily in your running?

Today will you just take some time to decide how you are going to continue your race and how you want people to look back over your race path?

  • Will you decide to take time to spend with God daily ?
  • Will you decide to spread the JOY God gives you to others?
  • Will you keep the faith and fight during the good and bad?
  • Will you be JOYFUL IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, even when their are mountains and valleys on your path?

Well, let me just say I know I was not running the last 31 days, but there was times I did not think I would finish the race.  BUT I DID!  It took a lot of faith and determination as well as the subject of my month – JOY.  At first it was bearing on my mind that I would not finish.  Would I know what to write about and would it touch anyone’s life.  By the middle of the month, I was enjoying writing.  I was finding something to

write about was not very hard.  I would pray and then think about my day, things I had read or heard.  God always came through with giving me insight.

I’m not sure what the future holds for my blog or my writing dreams.  I am praying and asking the Lord to lead me where He would like me.  I do enjoy writing more than I thought, and the negative feelings I had at the beginning from my past are slowly drifting away.  I am a Child of God and He can help me with this!  He can give me the words to say and He can give me the knowledge I need.  I just have to keep the faith and of course the  JOY.

I would like to thank you for joining me on this journey.  I hope you have enjoyed the race and during the race you gained a better knowledge of JOY.  I pray you will continue to follow me on my journey.  

Enjoy this song – “Blessed Be His Name”.

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