Thanking Him for What He Has Done


Philippians 4:6New Living Translation (NLT)

6 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done

The above verse is heard and repeated a lot. Most of the time when I hear it though I only hear the first part, “Don’t worry, instead pray about everything.”  
 Now I’m not saying that’s not important, I would like to look at the last half of the verse today.  
  As I have grown and as I’m getting wiser (not older), I’m realizing there is a huge difference between wants and needs.  I know needs are the things I need to survive daily such as food, water, shelter, warmth.  I’m sure there are other things I need as well that I probably take for granted. 
 However, my wants are totally different. I may think I need that new car so I will not break down and have to walk, but do I need it or want it. I may want some beautiful chairs for my front porch, but do I need them.  I may want those beautiful boots, but do I need them with all my other shoes.  
 We we need to pray to God for our needs and He will provide. If He decides to give us our wants that’s a bonus. The next part is so true, “thank Him for all He has done.”  When we are through asking for everything and tellingHim what we think we need,   do we stop.  Do we stop, breathe, and take in everything He has already blessed me with and THANKED HIM. 
 I’m sure I have spoke about this some in my other posts, BUT it’s so important to remember this. It is written in the Bible so many times, so maybe we need to hear it so many times. 
 It says to THANK Him for all he has done, not necessarily all He has given us.  Sometimes we are like hoarders. We talk about all He has given us.  We think and look at the things we see and can touch. 
 Shouldn’t we be hoarders as in telling and thanking for all He has DONE for us?  There are many things He has done that you may not can touch right now. 
 What about bringing JESUS Christ to earth that Christmas night?  Can you touch that now, but if He hadn’t come where would you be?
 What about Jesus’s nail scarred hand?  We can’t touch it, BUT HE DID something for us,
 What about the promise of Him coming back someday for us?  We can’t touch that.  We can only THANK Him for what He is going to do,  
Remember to not only THANK HIM for what He has given you, but for also  what HE  HAS DONE FOR YOU!!! 

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