Worship Wednesday – SORRY



Hey y’all.  I know I’m late again.

I have recently started a volunteer position with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study.  I am a small group leader.  I have gone through training but this week began my first week of being the leader.

The study is on #BEFOREAMEN by Max Lucado.  It is awesome.  You can still sign up, we have only read 2 chapters.  Here is the link.


As a result, I have been spending more time reading, studying, and working with my group.  I want to make sure they receive what they should from the study.  Thank you for being understanding as I pursue this new adventure, which by the way I am enjoying so much.

Below is a free song from the study from Max Lucado.  I thought I would share with you today on this Worship Wednesday, since I’m worshiping with this book.    ENJOY!!!


I pray you have the Hope of Jesus.  I pray you will pray to your Father daily, hourly, as much as you can.





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