I’m back.  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  I pray you were able to spend time with family and friends.  I also pray you were able to take time to Thank God for all your Blessings.

This week I would like to look at a first from I John 1:9.


I John is a very small book near the very end of the Bible.  The book may be small but has a lot of insight.

This verse should remind us of several things.  First, if we confess our sins means we must first pray to God.  Of course God knows everything we do, BUT He wants us to confess to make sure we do as well.  Confessing is admitting the wrong.

Next the verse states He is faithful and just.  God is faithful and does not lie or turn from us.  There may be times we are not faithful to God, BUT HE IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL TO US.

Lastly, He will forgive and purify us.  God sent JESUS to die for us.  As a result, we can be forgiven with His blood and be purified.

I pray you will take this verse, memorize and let it move in your life.

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