Astray or On Course

 Proverbs 14 22 - Copy

Proverbs 14:22 (NIV)

This morning I was sitting in my quiet room reading my devotions.  I was debating on writing a post today.  I kept coming across a word and I decided this was God’s way of speaking to me.

Have you ever been riding along and saw a lost dog or cat in the cold or snow?  They will look at you with those sad pitiful eyes.  Your child says, “Mommy look at that sad dog/cat.” And there you are bringing home another pet.  When your husband arrives home from work, there is no way to hide the new puppy from him. He gets a little upset and says, “You would bring a lost elephant home if he gave you those pitiful eyes.”

puppy in snow - Copy

Some of us are caught up in the moment with those eyes.  It’s hard to turn away.  If we drive away, that’s all we think about is that poor pitiful little dog walking around in the cold.  Our child reminds us about him later.  So it’s okay to take him home to a warm and loving home right?

On, astray is found 57 times when I search for it within the NIV translation.  Going astray is spoken about many times in the Bible.

Eve was the first person in the Bible that was mentioned of being taken astrayed.  The cunning serpent tries to take her off course by enticing her feelings.  Our feelings are how we are caused to astray from God’s way.  We let something that looks so sweet and beautiful take control of our emotions and then it overpowers anything our heart or mind may be trying to tell us.

God knew things in life would lead us down the wrong road, if not why did Jesus speak about it. In John 16:1, Jesus says He tells us all these things so that you will NOT GO ASTRAY.

John 16 1

How can we not be lead astrayed by the world today?

  • Reading His Word.
  • Praying.
  • Memorizing Scriptures.
  • Quiet Time with God.

I know it’s hard not to be led away from God with the world constantly at us.  Commercials, TV Shows, music, magazines, games, and internet show us things to embrace our emotions – to lead us astray.  It’s hard for Christians to live in this world – but it was hard in the Bible.  Men saw woman they wanted and had their husbands killed.  Eve saw a fruit that looked good to eat and ate it.  Judas was given money to had over Jesus.

This is a daily fight for us.  We have to continually be reading and staying in His Word to fight off the evil.  It’s not easy – Jesus did not say it would be.

We can help each other though by building each other up, keeping us accountable, being there for someone during a tough time, and showing God’s love to everyone.

Will you go out today not lead people astray?

Will you show love to a stranger who may need it?

Will you help God lead people on the course?

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for each person today that is astray or lost.  I pray that they will turn to you to find their way.  I pray if we have anyone placed in our path we help them chose the right path to you.  Please be with us all and forgive us for our sins.  In Jesus Name, AMEN!


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