Five Minute Friday – VISIT

Have you ever been to a nursing home and visited the sick and elderly? How do we act when someone comes to visit us?  Do we act upset because they have caught us at a bad time?  Or do we sit down with them and enjoy the time?

The people in the nursing home are so excited when they have visitors.  They love especially for little kids to come and sing to them at Christmas – or really anytime.  They are so sweet and happy.

I love to go visit my Aunt who is in a nursing home.  She is so excited to see me.  She tells everyone who I am.  The other ladies in her little group act so excited.

We should sit down and enjoy their company.  There will be time for all that other stuff, but right now make time for them.  Life is too short to worry about all the small stuff.

What about thinking about someone you could go visit this weekend and just spend a few minutes with.  It would make your day and their day to have a special unannounced visit.  When I was small, my parents used to do this a lot.  What has happened?  Why have we stopped?

Let’s slow down and take our time and visit and love on somebody who may need it.  They may need the visit more than you do and you both will end up being Blessed Beyond Measure.




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