Walking by the Spirit

Galatians 5.16

Walking, have you ever really thought about how it works?

It’s funny when we are babies, we learn somehow to stand on those two little legs and put one small foot in front of the other.  At the beginning, a baby falls a lot, they are still learning.

They stand up on those small legs and they are just not strong enough yet to hold them up.  Over time, the legs build strength where they continue to try and try to stand up.

Once they build strength, the baby is able to stand on their own two feet.

Then they realize if they put one front in front of the other they can get where they are going.

WOW, then they are walking and parents are so happy.

But what happens next?  They begin to walk faster.   And before you know it, they are running around and getting into everything or worse running away from you as you chase them.

Isn’t our spiritual life so much like this as well?

Like the baby had to build up their leg strength to walk, we need to build up our heart, mind, and spirit strength.  We have to learn to walk with the Lord in us and with us.  With the Lord walking in and with us, we will learn how to stop craving the desires of the flesh.

Will we be perfect? NO!

Will we fall?  YES!

But God is always there to pick us back up and forgive us.

Who are you walking with today?

Are you walking with the world?

Are you walking with the one who can carry you when times get rough?



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