Five Minute Friday – Relief



Psalm 143:1

Lord, hear my prayer,
    listen to my cry for mercy;
in your faithfulness and righteousness
    come to my relief.

Relief means to ease, a means to relieve pain, anxiety from

What or Who do you turn to when you need relief from something?  Do you turn to a friend, alcohol, drugs, computer?

We have a Lord who will hear our prayer.  We have a Lord who can take and help us be full of relief.  He may not give us the relief as we think we should have, but He will give us the relief He wants us to have.  He knows what relief is best.

He can send relief to you through friends, prayers, a verse.  I know when I am feeling really bad in the mornings from my pain, if I turn and read His Word I receive more RELIEF than I can ever receive from medicine.

What if more people turned to Him for their relief?  What if more families built their homes on God’s relief and not the world?

We can all begin in our small little corner of the world spreading relief to others.  Relief can be spread to others in many ways.

What way will you spread relief today?



  1. Hi Jeanie! Thanks for your inspiring post. I’m sorry to read about your RA, but so inspired to see how you are turning to God and his word as your medicine and finding that he is meeting you in your need. I’ve been challenged myself to turn more and more to HIM first for everything… he’s helping me to see that I often take a longer route via some friends and family!

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