Five Minute Friday – Tomorrow


Today, as soon as I read the writing prompt, I started singing “Tomorrow, Tomorrow” from Annie.  Then, I thought about how many times a day I say I’ll do it tomorrow.

I can go tomorrow.

I can finish that tomorrow.

It will wait till tomorrow.

But guess what?  Do we know if tomorrow will come?  No.  So why do we put off for tomorrow what we can do today.

The last couple of weeks I have been dealing with health issues and a little sadness (I’m not saying depression).  Every day, I would say I have tomorrow.  I can read tomorrow.  I can do it tomorrow.

I have been lucky so far because each tomorrow came and went.  But I kept putting the things off.  I know it is just the devil trying to make me put God off till tomorrow.


I will do today, what I can.

I will do today, what God wants me to do.

I will not wait till tomorrow if I should do it today.

I’m not promised tomorrow.

I would hate to get to God and he tells me, “Well I was going to write your name in the Book but I decided to wait until tomorrow?!”  OOPS, THAT HURT! That would not be good.

Tomorrow, may still be in my vocabulary, but I will stop using for excuses and start doing for today!!!!

I so needed this to get me out of the pit I had been in and take me back to the palace today – not tomorrow.  God is so good!

Why should I wait till tomorrow?  Ummm! No reason.

Go out and make the most of today, so if tomorrow does not come, you will have no regrets.





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