Believe, Faith, Hope

I Peter 1:21 (NIV)

Through him you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God.

Yesterday it was put on my heart to study I Peter, so I followed my heart and started.  As I was reading, a verse just absolutely jumped out of the bible at me, I Peter 1:21.  It just spoke to me.  It made me realize that if I believe in God, well guess what, your faith and hope are in God.

So what’s the problem you ask?  How many of you are scared to walk out in faith and do something?  How many of you say “I hope so” every day to something?

For the last three weeks, I have participating in a wonderful online bible study with Proverbs 31.  We are reading “What Happens When Women Walk In Faith” by Lysa TerKeurst.  We have been studying the phases and we have completed the first three, leaving, famine, and believing and the last two weeks are on death and resurrection.

I am learning plenty about myself from the study.  But just like from the study, I am learning that it depends on what I believe.  I can say I have trust, faith and hope but guess what that’s not worth a penny if I do not BELIEVE.  If I believe in Him, then I should always know my faith and hope are in God as well.

In the bible, many times when someone was asked to tell people something, they would always ask but what if they don’t believe.  God would give this something or to tell them something to make them believe, turning water into blood, a staff to a snake.

God has been showing me signs lately to stop worrying and know and believe He is here.  For example, this week I won 2 different gift cards, a Kroger and a Target.  I knew we were going to be low on funds this month and I’m trying to save up money to go to the She Speaks.  I tried winning a gift card to a grocery store and I did, then a day later I tried Target, and I won again.  I know, no I believe, this was the Lord showing me He will provide.

My family was going to ride to town about 30 miles away and at the last minute I decided to go.  When we were leaving, I looked in the mailbox and their was the Kroger card which is very close to where we were going.  Again, the Lord brought the card when I wouldn’t have to spend extra money to go to the grocery store – because there isn’t one very close by.

I know we say we are going to give it ALL to HIM, but do we.  We may give it to HIM, but then we we don’t think HE is working in our time we try to handle on our own.  That is what has gotten me in trouble many times, mentally, physically and financially.

He is working in my life so much right now, I could tell you 2 or 3 more stories but I’ll save them for another day.  BUT what I will tell you is BELIEVE in the LORD.  Put your FAITH AND HOPE in  HIM ALONE.  HE doesn’t need any help.  He created the earth without our help, I think HE can handle our minor problems.

Pray to Him.

Spend time in His Word.

Tell others about Him.

Listen to Him.

Most importantly, wait for HIM. 



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