Let’s Go Fishing

My son is in this phase of wanting to go fishing all the time.  He has always loved it, but lately he is just head over heals in love about it.  He is always asking his daddy to go with him.

He is enjoying trying different types of baits in different types of ponds.  He is learning that different baits may catch different fish -maybe bigger one’s.  The goal is to catch the most or at least the biggest one.

Yesterday he had to reline a fishing pole, because he did not think it had enough line on it.  When he threw it in the pond, he thought he would not have enough line if a big fish was to take his bait.

He took off the old line and threw it in the trash and began putting new line on the reel.  He made sure to put as much as the reel could hold.  He wanted to make sure he had plenty of line if the fish got on.

Today, I read Psalm 55:22 and began thinking about casting our cares in comparison to my son wanting to put more line on the reel.

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you;

he will never let the righteous fall.  (Psalm 55:22 NIV)

My son was not sure the fishing line he had would sustain a large fish if he caught it.  As a result, he removed all the old line and put new line on the reel.  He now felt confident he had plenty of line.

We should do the same thing.  We need to take all our cares and give them to the Lord knowing He will save us.  He will make sure that if a big fish takes hold of us, we will not fall and He will sustain us.  He has our back!

But, it’s hard to give away our cares to someone else and feel confident they have us in their hand and will sustain us.  We need to have the confidence the fisherman has who casts the line and knows the line will sustain when a fish takes the bait.

God will hold us and not let us fall if we will just cast our cares on Him and let Him catch our bait.

Psalm 55.22


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