Heads or Tails

Romans 5.17

I’m sure you have all been a part of a coin toss.  Someone throws a coin up and someone chooses heads or tails.  If the person chooses heads and the coin lands on heads, they win.  If the coin lands on tails, they lose.

I want us to look at a coin a little different.  You have the head and tail.  These are opposites.  The world is full of opposites.

  • Heads or Tails
  • Good or Bad
  • Sick or Well
  • Happy or Sad
  • Young or Old
  • A or Z
  • Alpha or Omega
  • Big or Little
  • Inside or Outside
  • Strong or Weak
  • Light or Dark
  • Loud or Quiet
  • Crowded or Lonely
  • Love or Hate
  • Married or Single

I could go on for days and list opposites, but I will spare you.  Now I know you are wondering, where is she going with this.  Let’s look at the coin from a Biblical view.

A coin has two sides, opposites, heads and tails.  The bible has the old testament and the new testament.  Adam was the first man God created, however, because Adam was human he did something he was not supposed to.  He ate fruit from the tree God had told Adam not to and as a result sin and death entered the world.

This is the head.

We have a brain in our head.  Our brain and mind controls our whole body.  What we put in our brain controls how we act, what we say, and so many more things.  We have control over part of it by what we allow ourselves to be a part of, what we read, what we watch, and what we listen to.  Just like Adam had a choice, heads or tails, he chose heads.  He chose to listen to his mind instead of listening to what he had been told.

But, we serve an AWESOME GOD.  He loves us.  And thank God He does love us.  Because of the love God has for us, He sent Jesus to die on the cross for us.  As a result HE conquered sin and gave us a chance for eternal life if we accept Him.

Here is the other side of the story.

The tail is Jesus dying for our sins.

Man brought sin into the world, but GOD gave us an answer for it.  The coin could have had the same side on each, but it does not.  Just like God did not want sin on both sides, He gave us a way out.  He gave us the choice.  God gave us a chance to live with Him eternally in Heaven one day.

Have you flipped your coin today?

Have you chose to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior?

If you have not, why not flip the coin over and chose tails?

Why not chose tails every day?

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