Rest ….. Day 5

31 Days of Rest Day 5

Psalm 62:1-2 (NIV)

Truly my soul finds rest in God;
    my salvation comes from him. 

Truly he is my rock and my salvation;
    he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.

How many times have you taken a vacation with plans to rest and relax, only to come back home not rested and not relaxed?

We left out to take our first weeks vacation to Florida – Disney World.  Even though we were not staying at Disney World this time, we were still excited about going to Florida.  My son’s ball team would be playing at the ESPN fields, the exact same field the Atlanta Braves had Spring Training.

My husband drove through the night from North Carolina to Florida waking my son up at every state line to take his picture.  We arrived the next morning – in the heat of a July summer day.  We played games daily and then came back to our resort to enjoy the beauty of the pool – which looked like a small lake.

We even went to Sea World one day.  After the games were over (we came in 2nd place), we begin the trip back home.  We make it back home on a Saturday evening.

Rested. No.  It felt like we just left and we were on the go the whole time.

Relaxed. No.  I now had to catch up all the washing and get ready to go back to work.

I ended up thinking, as I laid in my bed that Saturday night, about how I just knew when we left this was going to be an awesome vacation.  I could not wait to rest and relax.

The trip was awesome!  But the rested and relaxed part, I was still trying to find those 2 things – did I leave it in Florida.

I believe everyone leaves with the intentions on vacation of having a rested and relaxed few days from the real world. Over the years and the more I grow in my christian life, I’m learning there is only one true way to be rested.

One way that does not falter.

One way that never fails.

The one way that can’t be shaken.


As David writes in Psalm 62, “My soul finds rest in God alone.”  He did not find rest in his work.  He did not find rest in his vacations.  He did not find rest in food.  He did not find rest in material things.  He did not find rest in NOTHING, but GOD.

Are you waiting for the perfect vacation?

Are you waiting for your children to marry?

Are you waiting for retirement?

Are you waiting for that extra special time?

I have something to tell you that you may not want to hear.  None of these things will give you true rest.  Trust me, I know it may break your heart but it’s true.

So many people have wished their life away, tried to find the perfect vacation or waited till retirement to rest, only to find out there was no rest.  People try to find rest and relaxation with more of the world.

There is only one thing we can find rest in.


There is only one person who can give us rest.


Please do not think you don’t have time to rest.  We need to make time.  We are not promised tomorrow.  We are not promised the next moment.  But we are promised who we can find rest in.

We need to take time each day to rest with God.  If it’s just for 5 minutes.  Take time to sit quietly with God, your Bible and listen to Him speak to you.  I promise you if you do, you will find your day more peaceful and you will not be shaken, because you know God is your rock and your salvation.

In the days to come, I will write more on the rewards of resting and what happens when we do not take time to rest.


Now take a few moments of silence to rest with God……

You can do it……

Please do it……

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