Rest ….. Day 13

31 Days of Rest Day 13

Psalm 23:1-3 (MSG)

 God, my shepherd!
    I don’t need a thing.
You have bedded me down in lush meadows,
    you find me quiet pools to drink from.
True to your word,
    you let me catch my breath
    and send me in the right direction.

What is about a beautiful green grass we love to walk barefoot or lay on?

What is it about a beautiful clean stream of water we love to drink the water?

What is it about a beautiful waterfall we want to go jump under the water?

Don’t you love how God made us to be drawn to certain things in life?

Psalm 23 is read at many funerals, however, I wanted to look at the first few verses today that God gave to us and think of being alive, free and provided for.

First, if I have God as my shepherd, I don’t need a thing.  Shepherds are to watch over their sheep so wolves would not attack their flock at night.  If one is hurt, a shepherd would pick them up and carry.

God is our shepherd.  He watches over us daily.  He is there to carry us if we need Him to.  God loves His sheep and we should love our Shepherd.  We should not need anything as long as we have Him.

The next few lines speak about him providing us with “lush meadows” to bed down on and “quiet pools” to give us water.  Bedding down is the same as resting or sleeping.  He provides us somewhere to lay our heads.  God also provides us with quiet pools to quench our thirst.  We all need rest and water to supply and God promises to provide these things.

Lastly, I love the next few lines and how they are translated in the Message.  “True to your word, you let me catch my breath.”  Have you ever been so tired you did not think you could catch your breath?  Have you ever had so much to do you were hyperventilating and could not catch your breath?  As this verse says, God is true to His word and will let us catch our breath.  He will give us a chance to slow down if we will listen.

Sometimes it is hard to slow down and catch our breath, but so many times in the Bible God tells us not to worry, to rest, to give Him our problems, and He will provide.  But over and over, we think we have to do all by ourselves.

No, we don’t have to!

God always provides rest, somewhere to lay, water and will help us catch our breath.

The next time you feel like you are drowning or you can’t catch your breath, think about these verses.

Go to God and He will help you!


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