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Hello Friends,

Have you heard of the #First5 app? Let me tell you a little bit about it.

First5 is an app you can find and download on your phone or smart device. You can set it as an alarm to wake you up every morning. Then when you wake up you can take the #First5 minutes of your morning and spend with God. What an awesome thing!

Now that doesn’t mean that you don’t read anymore. This is great to start your morning and get your juices going. Then during your Study time you can dig deeper into the chapter being studied. Or you may think about it during the day. Or you may talk to others about it.

The app has just finished the 50 chapters of Genesis. They go through a chapter a day and then on the weekend there is a “Weekend Wrap-Up” for the week. It summarizes the week. It is usually a video teaching.

So if you been looking for a way to study and spend time with God what better way. Download the #First5 app now.

And if you would like, with each study there is an Experience Guide you can purchase. It comes in a download or a printable version. This is just to enhance the study more. It’s okay if you don’t get but its meant to do just what it is says – to be an Experience Guide. You can put notes and thoughts and prayers. Whatever God is saying to you.

Now what’s stopping you. THE APP IS FREE!! So what do you have to lose but 5 minutes. I bet you have wasted more than 5 minutes in Facebook.

I bet after you download and spend a few mornings using the #First5 you will be so excited you did this. Your walk with God will be so much better. Your days will be so much better.

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