Do you have any salt??

Mark 9.50 niv

“Please pass the salt.”

“Oh, No!  You spilled the salt.  Quick throw some over your shoulder.”

I’m sure you have heard one of the above 2 quotes said while eating with others before  In cooking some people use salt to make the food better.  It can also be used to help meat or vegetables be preserved.  Salt has been around for years.  As a matter of fact, how do you take the salt out of something once it is added?  You don’t.  It’s there to stay!

So what in the world does salt have to do with our Walk with God.

If you did not have any salt, how could you salt your food?  Your food would not taste the same or as good if you did not have any salt to add.

So what is salt’s value?

It’s value, if you have it, is to make the food taste better.   If you do not have the salt, you can not add taste or value to your food.  It’s value is to preserve meat and vegetables so they do not go bad before you can eat.  That could be very valuable not using your meat and vegetables.

If you go about your daily duties and never smile at others, or show others God’s love then what are you doing?  If you see people hurting or helpless and do not stop to help, have you helped to add value to God’s kingdom?  If you know God and do not tell others to help them preserve their life, what a waste of good knowledge.

Christians must use their salt.  We must keep our salt with us everyday to use when we go out into the world.  Christians need to have more salt than anyone.  Our sweat should taste more salty than the non-christian.

We need to be willing to share our salt with everyone.  At anytime we see someone who needs help, we should have our salt shaker in hand and be ready to sprinkle some salt on them.

And guess what?  It doesn’t make your blood pressure go up – it could actually help your blood pressure and possibly the person you are helping’s blood pressure.

Think about those little packets of salt that comes in the plastic with the pepper and usually a fork to eat with.  The salt is there to add flavor to your food when you get it. Maybe you need to not put the salt in that packet on your food, and put it in your pocket so you can be reminded of spreading God’s love.

So my question today is not are you going to salt your food or ask for the salt shaker.

My question to you today is are you going to share your salt or pass the salt shaker to someone else?  It’s okay if you spill a little.  Share or throw it on someone else.  This salt doesn’t hurt our health it can help our health.


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