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Take all these words and roll them up into one and that is how I felt Saturday!  This was my first year going to the Intentionally & Wonderfully Made 2016 (IWM2016) and I pray I can attend next year.


I was able to attend with a great friend from my childhood and a young high school girl (who happens to be my son’s girlfriend.)  Beginning with when you walk to the door, you felt like a movie star.  Sweet ladies were there to greet you and help you anyway they could.  We received an awesome goody bag which had many things including an awesome Note Pad for people like me that has to take notes, a great pen, and my favorite a necklace.  The necklace was from Fashion and Compassion based in Charlotte.  I have several of their pieces and I knew about them through Proverbs 31.  We not only could wear the necklace it served to hold our tickets which we could write our names on.  Can I just say AWESOME!!!!

There was terrific worship music by the Matt Bartlett Band.  Along with the worship songs, we had 3 astonishing speakers, Beverly Weeks, Lysa TerKeurst, and Sherry Jennings.

Each message was God-inspired.  These ladies were genuine and had a heart for speaking about God.

Beverly Weeks spoke on II Kings 4:8-37 and her title was “IT SHALL BE WELL.”  Her message was great and had 6 points.

  • Make room for God
  • Guard your lips and watch your tongue
  • Beware of the negative
  • Go straight to the source – God
  • There is power in prayer
  • Praise God

Her words really touched me and i will be discussing that in the coming days and weeks and months.

Lysa TerKeurst was next.  Now, I do have the privilege of hearing her on conference calls occasionally since I am a volunteer with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study.  I love to hear her words, but I will tell you.  Hearing her words in person, were so much more powerful.  I could see the love in her eyes for God and others.

Lysa’s message was on I Samuel 25:1-44 and the title was “God is Good & God is good at being God!”  Her teachings are so good.  She had 3 points to her teaching.

  • We must watch where we pay attention.
  • Remember your true intentions and remember who you are.
  • Enter into prevention.

Lysa said many things I loved but this one was really good.

Wisdom makes decision today that are still good tomorrow.


She spoke about humility which must be something I need to listen to, because that was the second time last week I had heard something about this.

We then had an awesome lunch served by Chic Filet of Goldsboro and had a chance to walk around and look at the beautiful items the vendors had.  After lunch, they gave away some beautiful prizes. Unfortunately I did not win, but it was okay – just having a chance to go was my prize.

After lunch Sherry Jennings spoke and it was on Genesis 3:1-6.  She spoke about when Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat of the apple.  Sherry was great having us think about the story in a different way.

  • Eve knew God’s word and trusted God
  • Eve allowed her feeling to take over
  • I’m just like Eve – on a journey

Sherry wants us to be a friend but being a friend requires some work.  We must be available, be safe, be aware, be settled, be adventurous, and be convinced you are enough!

After Sherry spoke, we had the great opportunity of hearing Lysa again.  Twice in one day – AWESOME!!!

This time she spoke on II Samuel 20 and about “One Wise Woman!”  Even though we did not know her name she was able to give us 3 points about her – the 3 A’s.

  • Approach – humble – not a “Z formation” woman
  • Assurance
  • Advice

Lysa said our job is to be “obedient to God”.The wisdom became a pattern for this woman and became her approach and everyone knew this about her.

Lysa really hit a heart note on this one.

Now that the conference is over and I’m back to the everyday life – Monday (UGH!), I can take this wisdom and words I heard and either leave in the notepad I wrote them or I can take them and “INTENTIONALLY” use them everyday.


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