Five Minute Friday – Share

Acts 4:33 (NIV)

All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.

Don’t you just love it when God sends you a word from His Word to help you?


I have been contemplating what God wants me to do.  I do not think it is to speak, because I went to speech class when I was in kindergarten and first grade.  I do not think it is to write, because I did not go to college for Journalism or writing.

But you know the word today SHARE is hitting me hard.

God created us with plans.  

God created us with gifts.

 God created us to enjoy his creation.

And God created us to share with others.

Now you can take that as He wants you  to share your food or your candy.  I think He also wanted us to share Him with others.

Whether it is talking to someone, writing something someone needs to read or just sharing a cup of coffee, God wants us to share.

I am going to share God.  Whether it is speaking, because God created me.

Whether it is writing, because God created me.

Whether it is sharing my candy bar, because God created me and chocolate.

I’m going to share and I’m going to use the gifts and talents God gave me.   I want to do what He has planned for me, because I’m sure it’s a lot better than anything I could ever dream of.

What will you share today?

Whom will you share with today?

What is stopping you from sharing today?

Go ahead and share.  It will bless the giver and the receiver.










Linking up with Kate Matoung and the #FiveMinuteFriday girls today to write for five minutes on the weekly word.



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