The Comparison Game

Galaitians 6 4 niv






I have a confession to make.  This is a hard one, especially when I’m trying to follow God’s leading.  I have been in a major funk.  I know that’s not a nice way to put it, but it’s the only way.

Next month I plan to attend the “She Speaks” conference in Charlotte.  But for the last month or so, something or someone has been stealing my happiness.  I have let all the bad lies, the comparison traps, the bad feelings to take away something, to steal from me.

Did you know stealing is a sin?

Well it is.  We are not to take something from someone else.  But guess what I’ve been hit with yesterday and today every way I turn.  Devotions and blog posts are all reminding me of the Comparison Game.  They remind me how much we compare ourselves to others.  I’m comparing myself to everything and everyone.  Not being able to work and having a chronic condition just makes it worse.  I have started to make myself believe I can’t do things because of that.

But they also reminded me, God does not want us to do the Comparison Game.   The Comparison Game steals from God.

What did you just say?

Yes, we are stealing from God when we play the Comparison Game.  We are stealing what He has given us.

  • Talents
  • Gifts

Well it may not actually be stealing, but in my opinion it is.  We are stealing away the happiness God has intended for us by listening and believing satan.  Satan loves to make us believe all those lies.

Just to let you know – I’M OUT OF MY FUNK NOW!!

It’s going to be hard because I have struggled with this my whole life, but I have to keep on trusting in God.  I have to keep on believing in God.  I have to keep on turning to my friends to lift me up.

Stop playing the Comparison Game today.  It’s a game with no winner – we will all lose in the end.  I’m going to play on God’s team instead.  His team always wins!!

Comparison game


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