Have You Grown Cold?

It’s so easy today to be enticed by the world. It’s everywhere – on the television, social media and at work. 

Our world is growing more and more evil as the day goes. But it’s not surprise to God. In the Bible, He speaks of such things. 

He also knows many will turn from Him. Many will grow cold.

I personally do not like cold weather anymore because it hurts my body. Not only does cold hurt my body but if I begin to grow cold in my relationship with God, it will affect my heart and mind. 

I want to stay warm – no HOT for God. I know it’s hard. It’s a daily task. But I’m so grateful to know my God also forgives.

28 This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. 

Matthew 26:28 | NIV

Jesus came to live as a human like us and to shed His blood for you and me. Because of His blood we are forgiven. 

The world is so wicked. We must work daily to stay HOT for God. It’s hard but we can help each other.

We can pray for each other. 

We can support each other. 

We can love each other.

On this Monday, will you decide to be cold or hot? It’s hard but you can do it with Jesus. He we help keep you warm.  

He is better than a soft cuddly blanket and a hot cup of coffee. 

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