Prayer Strategy

Prayer Strategy





Prayer Strategy

Do you have a strategy when it comes to praying for your business?

After watching the movie War Room (THREE times…I can’t get enough) and reading Fervent by Priscilla Shirer I was truly inspired to be more intentional in my prayer life.

Which got me thinking about how I pray when it comes to my business. And honestly, I found myself feeling convicted when I realized there wasn’t much of a strategy to it at all. We were leaving so much to chance instead of being very intentional about how we were asking God to work through iBloom.

  • Have you thought about what you want God to do in your business?
  • Do YOU have a prayer strategy that gets you excited to get up and going as you start your workday?
  • Are you asking God to do BIG things in and through your business?

If your prayers for your business could use some focus, I want to share some tips for creating a prayer strategy specifically for your business. There are key areas to consider as we pray over:

  • our customers
  • products and services
  • the impact our business has on the world
  • the legacy our business efforts will leave when we are long gone

Are you ready to get serious about how you pray for your business?

Join me as we get intentional about praying for our businesses and the people we serve.

How to Create a Prayer Strategy for Your Business





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