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Rejection uninvited

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was in 8th grade and was at cheerleading camp.  The people in charge of camp made an announcement that all captains would meet after this session.  On the inside I was smiling, but on the outside I was not.  It was time to go to the meeting.  I knew who was going but two of the other “veteran cheerleaders”did not.  They asked me, “I wonder who is the captain.”  I said as humbly as possible, “I’m the Captain.  Ms. Smith told me before we left for camp and I wasn’t suppose to tell anyone.” In unison the veterans said, “What?  That’s wrong.  You can’t be the captain!”  They ran off to find Ms. Smith and I was left standing there #Uninvited even though I had been invited.

That moment in time is embedded in my brain.  From that day forth, I always knew I wasn’t capable of being captain or leader of anything.  If I was, why would my “friends” said I couldn’t be captain.

I was the captain on paper and at that camp, but in those veterans minds it was just for a few short days.  This would not be forever or at least our eight grade year.  I tried not to be overpowering.  I talked with Ms. Smith and she told me to just enjoy these days and do what I was supposed to do – everything would be straightened out after we got back from camp.

Well in my mind, that meant, she would explain to everyone why she chose me and I would remain the captain the rest of the eighth grade year.  But evidently the  “veteran cheerleaders” thought there should be a vote from the cheerleaders not the lady in charge and when we returned back to practice after camp we had a vote.

I thought, this will all be straightened out now during the vote and I would win. But evidently because I kept a secret from my friends I was considered a traitor, so the “veteran cheerleaders” turned everyone against me.

I was told to keep it a secret by my leader, but my friends didn’t think I should.

My parents raised me to be respective of adults and to listen, but my friends didn’t think I should.

So I did what I thought was right, but my friends would hold against me.

As I assume you have figured out by now, I was not voted as captain.  My heart was broken.

 What had I done wrong?

They were right, I can’t be captain. I’m not good enough.

What was that leader thinking to choose me?

I accepted defeat! I smiled and congratulated the new captains.  I was at every practice and every game.  I supported everyone and was happy – at least on the outside.  But on the inside I was being defeated and it would be a defeat that would stay with me for many many many years!!!

In an upcoming post, I will explain further, how this defeat in eighth grade of being #Uninvited has stayed in my heart for may years.  I will share how this rejection stole the best from me by reinforcing in me the worst of who I am.

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