iBloom….There is Still Time

Even though August is over and the free download is not relevant, you can still take advantage of other promotions with iBloom.

Are you feeling FRAZZLED? Maybe you:

  • Love what you are doing but it is just TOO MANY & TOO MUCH: you have noteFB-Affiliate-2017-planners EVERYWHERE and feel discombobulated by the paper, post-its, & alarms on your phone
  • Are stressed to the max but aren’t sure how to change anything anytime soon…too many people are counting on you
  • Just wish you could hit a re-set button and start fresh! Life just isn’t turning out how you planned & you can’t remember the last time you did something just for you
  • Have tried planner after planner, but you can’t find one that actually works for you

If you can identify with ANY of these, then THIS planner is for YOU!

The iBloom Planner not only helps you remember where you need to be and when, but also WHO you want to become and WHY. It’s a planner that is functional, beautiful, and inspirational.

This isn’t your typical calendar or appointment book. Of course it still has all of those features, plus SO much more. The iBloom Life & Business Planner acts as your personal coach – asking you the right questions to help you prioritize, set goals, and make a realistic plan for achieving them. We don’t want you to just make it through another year, but instead, get that much closer to becoming who you really want to be and living a life you truly LOVE.

Pre-Order the 2017 iBloom Planner and receive the following bonuses.  

Bonus #1: {Spiral-Bound Orders Only}

With the pre-order of a spiral-bound planner, you’ll receive an iBloom Tote that is PERFECT for carrying your new 2017 iBloom Life & Business Planner! {$25 Value}

Bonus #2: {Spiral-Bound & Printable Pre-Order}

Instant access to the printable version of the July-December 2016 iBloom Life & Business Planner, so you can start using it before your 2017 planner arrives. {$25 Value}

LINK TO PURCHASE:  2017 iBloom Planner

iBloom-Planner-Accessory-Kit-1Our iBloom Planner Accessory Kit is designed to accompany the iBloom Planner. It’s filled with office supplies to keep you inspired and organized.

The Accessory Kit includes:

  • 1 – Bookmark that snaps into your iBloom Planner to mark your week
  • 1 – Symbol Stickers (8.5 x 11 sheet) – use the stickers as reminders for birthdays, vacations, medical appointments, celebrating big wins, ah-has, etc.
  • 1 – Inspirational Word Stickers (4.25 x 5.5 sheet) – perfect for your vision board or to keep you inspired throughout the month.
  • 1 – Legal Pad (8.5 x 11) with 50 project planning sheets
  • 1 – Note Pad (4.25 x 5.5) with 50 sheets
  • 1 – Adhesive Notes (3 x 3) with 50 sheets
  • 1 – Flower Highlighter
  • 1 – iBloom Pen

LINK TO PURCHASE:  2017 Accessory Kit

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