31 Days of Parables


Beginning on October 1, I’m going to do a 31 day teaching on the parables in the New Testament.  I thought at first it would be easy to find all the parables of Jesus’s teachings but was I wrong. There are so many people who have a different list of what they believe are the Parables of Jesus. So I have decided I would find the 31 that I feel God leading me to write about and go from there.

I love that we are able to find the Bible online with different versions. I personally like the www.blueletterbible.org.  It can be overwhelming at first (and still is to me), but it has a wealth of information.

I’ll begin today by explaining what is a parable. Actually in Matthew 13:10 the disciples asked Jesus why He spoke in parables and He explained in the following verses, Matthew 13:11-17. On the previous mentioned website, a parable is compared to a simile in some ways. It goes on to say, “signifies an imaginary story, yet one that in its details could have actually transpired, the purpose of the story being to illustrate and inculcate some higher spiritual truth1.” Jesus is telling a story and sometimes He may explain it further, sometimes He does not.

We all love to listen to stories, social media is full of them, television, books, so why shouldn’t we sit and read the best stories – the stories told by Jesus.

As we begin this journey together, let’s sit at Jesus’s feet.  Let’s open our hearts, minds, eyes, and ears to receive a message from these stories.  Even though these stories were told over 2000 years ago, they can be so pertinent today. There may be one of these parables Jesus is wanting to teach and speak to you during this time of your life.

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1  “Parable – Easton’s Bible Dictionary.” Blue Letter Bible. Web. 30 Sep, 2016. <https://www.blueletterbible.org//search/Dictionary/viewTopic.cfm>.

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