The Parable of the Four Soils – Day 1


Verses containing the Parable: 

Matthew 13:3-23

Mark 4:1-20

Luke 8:4-15

Today is the first day of our study of the Parables of Jesus.  We will begin with the teaching parables about the Kingdom of God.  

The parable today is one of a few that may be found in 3 of the gospels. There are actually none found in John. This is also one of the few parables that Jesus actually explains what it means to the disciples because they asked Him why He taught in parables.

So really I can be done for today if you read the above you have the explanations!

But No!

I want us to dig a little deeper into what Jesus is teaching us here.

The sowers are people who teach, preach and lead others to Christ.  We can all be sowers. We can all teach, preach and lead others in our daily actions.  We should all be ready at anytime of the day to be a sower to a fellow human. If you are a teacher or leader do not get upset if sometimes you plant a seed and the seed does not grow. The seed also has a part in this parable.

The seed could be different people or they could also be different seasons of one’s life, which is more of how I see it.

  • The seed sown along the path is just taken up as soon as it is laid on the ground. None of the seed has a chance to make into the person’s heart, soul or mind.
  • The seed sown in the rocky places receive the message and are happy.  But since they have no way of having a root system they never grow into a beautiful plant.
  • The seed sown in the thorns receives the word and hears the word. They are happy and ready to go until life happens. When life begins throwing things at them it chokes the life out of them and they are unable to continue to grow.
  • The seed sown on good soil is where the plants are produced.  Theses seeds hear the word, accept the word, and produce something. These seeds bear good fruit and do not die because of birds eating them, no root system, or thorns to choke. They allow the Holy Spirit to swat at the birds, grow the roots, and kill the thorns.


We are not perfect. We all react differently at different situations in our lives as well as in different times in our lives. The good thing is Jesus did come to teach this parable. Jesus did come to this earth not a sinful person. Jesus did die for us on that cross to take our sins.

When our life is thrown at different soil types, what will we do during those times? Will we allow the birds and thorns to take Jesus from us or take this as a time to learn and grow closer to Jesus?

Tomorrows Parable:

The Parable of the Weeds

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