The Parable of the Weeds – Day 2


Verses containing the Parable: 

Matthew 13:24-30

Explanation:  Matthew 13:36-43

I’m so glad you are back with me today with the #31DaysofWriting studying the #31DaysofJesusParables. Today we will study the Parable of the Weeds. This parable is only in the Gospel of Matthew but this is another Parable Jesus must explain to the disciples.

The Parable is about a farmer again. (Before you start thinking, Jesus sure did want to reach those farmers, Jesus also mentions other groups of people as well in different Parables.) The Parable of the Weeds also explains about the Kingdom of God so we know what it’s really about and have no doubts.

The farmer planted seeds of wheat but of course an enemy (satan) came and sowed seeds of weeds.  Unfortunately until the wheat and weeds are older and ready for harvest, they are unable to be distinguished apart. The wheat is the believers while of course the weeds are the unbelievers. They must grow and live together until it’s time for the harvest. God allows believers to live with unbelievers for a period of time just like the farmer allowed the weeds to stay with the wheat. God knows if He pulls the unbelievers out, He will affect the believers, just like if the farmer pulled the weeds, he would disrupt the wheat or pull some out with the weeds.

When the farmer is ready to harvest, he will have his workers pull the weeds first and burn. Then the wheat will be left and will be harvested. 

So what does that have to do with Christ and the Kingdom of God?

When Christ comes back again, there will be a harvest. The unbelievers (the weeds) will be pulled out and threw into a fiery furnace. While the healthy believers (the wheat) will live in the kingdom with their Father for eternity.


What can we learn from this Parable. First, I want to grow as wheat not a weed. Everyone knows a weed suffocates the healthy and sometimes causes it to die. Growing side by side with the weed, we can not let it affect our lives. We must not let it take control of us. 

Weeds in our lives can be people, things, stuff, social media, TV, music, alcohol, and drugs. Weeds can be anything in our life trying to pull us from living eternally with God in the Kingdom.

It will be hard. It will be tough. But the good thing is the wheat has a great fertilizer. The fertilizer is the Word of God and other Christians. We must know the Word, study the Word, so when the weed tries to snuff us out, we can fight back. Fellowship with other Christians will also make us strong. We can be with other wheat, which are stronger in numbers against the weeds.

Secondly, I want to grow as a wheat so I can shine for others here among the weeds. I want the weeds to see how faithful and trustworthy we are to Christ. We should as believers want the weeds to know the wheat is so much stronger because of Christ living in us. We have been equipped with the Armour of God to fight the weeds.

Lastly, I want to spend eternity in the Kingdom of my Father and “shine like the sun.” The weeds will be burned in the pit of hell, but the wheat will stand and shine like the sun forever. We will live with our Father in Heaven forever and ever.

Are you going to allow the weeds to suffocate you today?

Are you going to gather some fertilizer and fight off the weeds?

Will you live in eternity with your Father in His Kingdom?

Tomorrows Parable:

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