The Parable of the Mustard Seed – Day 3


31-days-of-parables-day-3Verses containing the Parable: 

Matthew 13:31-32

Mark 4:30-34

Luke 13:18-19

Did you think I wasn’t coming back for Day 3? I’m here and so happy you are too. We are continuing the #31DaysofWriting studying the #31DaysofJesusParables with probably one of the most well known parables – the Parable of the Mustard Seed. This parable is found in all three gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke.

As of today and when I checked online, there is 7,454,695,8721 people living in the world. After looking at such a huge number, I realized I am only 1 of that huge number. I’m so small compared to this number. 1 compared to 7,454,695,872 is so much larger and has commas.

The mustard seed compares to other seeds as I compare to the number of people living today. A mustard seed is the smallest of the seeds. (Now I know I’m not the smallest human but I’m looking at the comparison of the numbers.) The seed is very tiny but the result of the seed when planted and cultivated is an enormous tree where birds can build nests. It is actually the largest of all the trees.

During the week, I wake up and send my family off to work and school. I then stay in my house all day unless I have some errands to run. There are days I may feel like no one knows I’m here. No one cares who I am. No one even knows what I’m doing. What is my purpose? What am I, such a small person with a disability, to do for the other 7,454,695,871 people of the world?

God made the mustard seed the smallest of seeds but yields the biggest tree for a reason. God wants you to know that even though you may think you are such a small part of this world YOU DO MATTER! YOU WERE MADE FOR A PURPOSE! GOD DOES LOVE YOU! 

No matter if you think you are home bound, God has a purpose for you!

No matter if you think you are not capable, God made you for a reason!

No matter if you think you are not educated enough, God knows you are!

No matter if you think you can’t make a difference, God knows you can!


God made each of us for a reason. The reason is to touch other people’s lives. It may be to just touch your families lives. It may be to touch your neighbors lives. It may be to touch people on line, on Facebook, or on Twitter. You may be here to touch thousands of people by speaking in large places. You may be here to rock the babies to sleep in the nursery while the mother has some time to enjoy listening to God’s Word at church. You may be serving soup at a soup kitchen for the homeless. You may be cleaning a church or counting the money.

You can do something for God’s Kingdom! You are wonderfully and beautifully made. You are made in God’s likeness. God’s Word tells us this. Jesus was telling His disciples this Parable so it could reach others. Jesus was letting us know how big the Kingdom of God can be when we each take and do what God created us to do!

The next time you think you are not capable of anything, think about the small mustard seed. When it is planted and cultivated it grows into the largest tree. 

What will you allow God to plant and cultivate in you today?

What will you do today for God’s kingdom?

Who will you touch today in person or online?

Tomorrows Parable:

The Parable of the Yeast

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