The Parable of the Yeast – Day 4


Verses containing the Parable: 

Matthew 13:33-35

Luke 13:20-21

We are on to day 4 in the #31DaysofWriting studying the #31DaysofJesusParables. Today we are looking at the Parable of the Yeast. I’m not good at cooking bread, so don’t worry no cooking tips here.

When you read about yeast in most Bible verses it speaks of evil, however, in these verses, the yeast represents growth. This parable may be interpreted several ways but I will explain my feelings of it.

When making bread, no tips just facts, yeast is added to the bread. There is not as much yeast added as flour but the little bit of yeast is needed for the bread to grow. The small amount of yeast is mixed with the flour to become something larger, a loaf of bread.

The Kingdom of God started very small but it would grow and have a great impact on the world. Jesus started with himself and 12 disciples. They went out among the thousands to spread the Word. Then those thousands went to more thousands, and the growing amount of believers multiplied. The believers multiplied from just 13, a small number, to a great number.  

Also, another way I like to look at this is from within. Once the yeast is added to the flour, can you see the actually yeast anymore? No.

Once it’s combined with the yeast it is within it. Because of the yeast, the bread grows as it is cooked from within.

Just like when the Holy Spirit enters your heart. It is small but it is added inside, within. As we grow, the Holy Spirit grows in us. We can show this by our outward actions even though the Holy Spirit is within us.


How can I such a small person help the Kingdom of God? As Jesus and His disciples started with 13, you are one. But with the Holy Spirit within you, you are capable of things much bigger than you can imagine. The Holy Spirit within you can grow your actions and your reactions. The Holy Spirit can change your words.  The Holy Spirit can change you a very small one of the Kingdom from within.

Are you going to allow the Holy Spirit to change you from within to affect the Kingdom of God and the world?

You can do it with the Holy Spirit mixed within you!

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