The Parable of the Treasurer – Day 5

31-days-of-parables-day-5-1Verses containing the Parable: 

Matthew 13:44


It’s day 5 of the #31DaysofWriting on the #31DaysofJesusParables and the Parable of the Treasurer is our study. This Parable is one of my favorite because it tells us up front the cost of following God.

We begin again in a field where a man comes along and finds a treasurer. It reminds me of people you see with the metal detectors walking around in fields looking for unseen treasurers. The parable doesn’t say what the man was doing in the field, whether he was farming, walking, or possibly looking for something. But to me it doesn’t matter, because the man found something very wonderful.

Now when people using metal detectors find a treasurer they have a light and a sound it makes to let them know to dig there. When they dig, they find what the detector knew was there all along. Then the person must decide is this something of value or not. If it is, he takes it with him, if not of course he just puts it back usually. 

The man who found the treasurer here in the field, knew by looking at it what he had. He knew it was of extreme value. So extreme he would not even take it with him home. He hid the treasurer again. This was a little odd to me but then again maybe he knew if he carried it with him someone might take it away from him or something.

He then went back to his home and sold all his possessions he currently had. He sold everything. It does not say how much he had which doesn’t matter. It says “He sold all he had.” He was left with nothing but the money. Instead of keeping the money, he went to the landowner who owned the field he had found the treasurer. He took all his money and bought the land. Now he would have the treasurer for himself. 


The first lesson is do you know what a wonderful treasurer having the Kingdom of Heaven is? Do you know how precious it really is? This man knew when he saw the treasurer it was worth everything to him. He did not think or ponder or even sleep on it. He went right away and sold everything he had. EVERYTHING! 

I’m sure if he had a family they may have thought he lost his mind. Especially since he was selling his possessions for something they could not even see. The man was telling them about a treasurer he found that was worth more than anything he had but they could not see it.  

The second lesson is we may have to give up everything to live for God. We must give up all our earthly possessions we can see for the Heavenly possessions we can not see. But we know the Heavenly possessions are worth more than any of the one’s we hold in our hands.

This man did not care that it cost him everything. He was willing and wanting to do it. He knew this treasurer was so much more “precious”. He did not need anyone’s advice, or opinions. The man knew this treasurer was his best gift ever.

Would you sell everything you have to walk with Jesus if He asked? Can you give up some of your treasurer’s to give to others who are in need? Are you willing to give up everything and have people think your crazy for something you can’t see?

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