The Parable of the Fishing Net – Day 7


Verses containing the Parable: 

Matthew 13:47-50


I can’t believe we are on Day 7 of #31DaysofWriting on the #31DaysofJesusParables. Today’s Parable of the Fishing Net may sound similar to the merchant one but I also used the MSG translation. 

The Parable of the Fishing Net is speaking about the end of time. The Fishing Net is thrown in the sea and all the fish are caught. The good fish are “picked out and put in a tub” and “those unfit to eat are thrown away.” 

Can you imagine being chosen as a bad fish and thrown away? The MSG version reads, “The angels will come and cull the bad fish and throw them in the garbage. There will be a lot of desperate complaining, but it won’t do any good.” Our society now is all about complaining and sometimes if we complain or yell loud enough we get our way. Well when the angels come, the complaining will not help. The complaining no matter how loud or good will not help the bad fish. They will still be thrown in the garbage.


Is there anything we can do to help the bad fish? First, do not be a bad fish and second do not judge who are good fish and bad fish. It’s not for us to decide who is good or bad. We need to make sure we are living as a good fish does and helping those bad fish become good fish. We need to be spreading God’s Word. We should be living a life of a good fish so that the bad fish would like to change their ways.

But while we are living as a good fish, or at least trying to, we do not need to talk bad or judge the bad fish. We do not know their hearts. God is the ultimate judge. He will decide whether we are good or bad fish.

Will you strive to be a good fish? Will you strive to share your love and knowledge of God to others? Will you try not to judge others as we are not a judge?

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