The Parable of the Growing Seed – Day 8


Verses containing the Parable: 

Mark 4:26-29

We are studying in Mark today because I have been dealing with Matthew since yesterday – that is Hurricane Matthew.  I’ve just gotten a chance to post this.  

I’ts Day 8 of #31DaysofWriting on the #31DaysofJesusParables and we are studying the Parable of the Growing Seed which is in Mark instead of Matthew.

This is one of the parables Jesus does not explain and it’s a parable that much of the time goes unnoticed. We can infer the meaning by other parables similar to this one.

The man scattering the seed is Jesus or someone spreading His Word and His Word is the seed. As the seed grows, day in and day out, people grow in the Word and become Christians. 

Can you see a seed planted in the soil grow? Well you can’t see anything until it pushes through the dirt. And then it doesn’t just grow while you are looking at it. It is growing whether we are looking at it or not, day or night. Just like we may not understand how the seed grows, we may not understand, how the Holy Spirit works in our lives. We have Him in our heart and He helps us grow. He helps us know when we think or say something that is wrong. 


We need to spread His Word out in the world but we should not become all upset if people do not accept it. Jesus helps us spread the Word, but the person must also accept it and allow it to grow in them. We sometimes feel if we are not changing people it’s something we are doing. We are suppose to live as God teaches us. The people we touch have to accept it and allow it to grow in them.

Have you been sown seed from someone and not allowed it to grow in your heart? It’s time to accept Jesus and let His Word grow in your heart.

Tomorrows Parable:

The Parable of the Vineyard Workers

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