Choose Joy 2017 – Day 12

 Genesis 1:31 (NIV)  God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.

In Genesis 1, we read about the creation. On several occasions after God created something it states, “God saw that it was good.” At the end of the sixth day, God saw what he had made and “it was very good.”

Good and joy go hand in hand to me.  If you see something is good, you are usually joyful over this and if you are joyful over something I’m sure it is good. Let’s take today to see how joyful God was over the creation He made for us to enjoy!

Good means virtuous, righteous, of high quality, excellent. All those words just sound so proper and honorable.

God created the heavens and earth, the animals and plants, the stars and moon and He created man.  The Bible clearly states God saw that it was good. He did not create anything bad, it is good, very good. We may think those pesky gnats or those horrible spiders or those snakes are bad, but God says they are good.  (When I get to heaven I do want to ask him why he thought gnats and mosquito’s were good.)

We should enjoy what God created for us. He created it to be good. If He created it to be excellent and of high quality, then he wants us to enjoy and protect His creation.

But on another note, He created man and woman.  If everything else He created was good, then man and woman must be as well. We should be joyful knowing we are good, excellent and of high quality. But it’s so easy to not feel that way.  We may not all look-alike, but the one true God created us. Everything He creates is good, excellent and of high quality. Everything and everyone!!

There are many people who struggle with depression and not feeling excellent. Even Christians who read and know the Bible struggle with this.  I’ll be honest, I have and I do struggle with this.

We need to remember to lift each other up. We need to remember to love everyone. We need to be there for those struggling. We need to try to watch our words to others and not beat them down but beat them up in the name of the Lord.

Smile at the person you pass in the grocery store.

Let someone out in front of you in the car-pool line.

Send someone who may be going through trials a joyful note of encouragement.

Pray for someone who God lays on your heart.

Spread some of your joy to others because we are all good, excellent and of high quality in the eyes of our Maker.

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