Life.. Simple.. I Don’t Think So!

Life and Simple. I don’t think they are supposed to be in the same sentence let alone in the same post.

Life is far from simple.


Before I begin the post, let me just say, “Yes, it’s me!” I haven’t posted or done anything with my blog since February 28. Why? Well I’m not blaming anyone but ME and LIFE! So that’s all I’m going to say about that….. On to the post.

What does simple mean to you?

Depending on where you are in life, simple can mean a million different things. On dictionary.com1, simple means “easy to understand, deal with, not elaborate or artificial, plain, not ornate or luxurious.” The antonym is difficult. Difficult sounds like it goes better  with life, what do you think?

You are probably thinking her blog is “A Cheerfull Heart is Good Medicine” and this post is sounding anything but “cheerfull!”  I’m going to be “cheerfull” but I also want to be “honest”!

People say that life years ago used to be so much more simpler than now days. Life used to be easier and people went at a slower pace. Others say it’s because of technology, changes in the environment, and people wanting more as to why life has gotten far from simple, it’s BUSY!

I’m the first to admit I’ve let life get too busy. I’ve let my life get too difficult. I’ve let my life stop being simple.

You must think, she has it all figured out how to get life SIMPLE again. Bad news, I don’t have all the answers. I have just one answer.  SO, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO AND HOW CAN I HELP YOU? There is ONLY ONE ANSWER!

Proverbs 13:6-8 (NLT)

6A God-loyal life  keeps you on track;
    sin dumps the wicked in the ditch.

A pretentious, showy life is an empty life;
    a plain and simple life is a full life.

Don’t leave yet. I’m sure you are thinking, here we go again someone telling me God and the Bible are the answers. If I just follow God and make good decisions, life can be simple. If I just do the right thing, life can be simple.

I’m doing all that.

I go to church on Sunday. My children are involved in the youth group. We go to Bible Study 2 nights a week. I’m in the choir. I’m teaching Sunday School. I’m on several committees at church. I volunteer at a Christian organization.

Sometimes I think we get ourselves too involved. We think we have to do all these things. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do these things.

WHAT I’M SAYING, is God also wants a plain and simple life. It says in HIS WORD, “a plain and simple life is a full life.”





I can’t do all this and be involved in everything and be a mother, father, sister, brother. But you can. you just have to change some things.

I’ve been trying the last few months to simplify my life.

What have I been doing?

Organizing the Inside and Outside of My House

Taking Time to Do Things I Enjoy

Let Others Do Some Things Instead of You

Putting My Health & Body First

This is just a start, but in the coming weeks, I’m going to help you start simplifying your life. It’s not easy! It’s not fun!, well some of it is,  BUT IT CAN HELP! I’ll share with you some things I have done.

Here is another Honest part. I didn’t realize in the last few months when I was making these changes and doing these things, God was going to end up using them for His Work. But we never know what God has in plan for us.

FIRST I NEED YOU TO DO SOMETHING FOR ME! We have to decide together, life can be simple and I want a simple life! And, that you will put God first no matter what!


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In the meantime, please download the below “CHEERFULL VERSES” and let that be the beginning of our journey together. It has 7 verses, one for each day of the week. En”JOY”!




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