Simplify Life Begins With Joy

If you read yesterday’s post, you may understand that this post is the beginning of me sharing with you how to simplify your life. By simplifying your life, you can LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE and LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR THE PURPOSE GOD CREATED.

Tomorrow is June and if your child is not already out of school, they will be shortly. Then begins the new routine of the summer. Sometimes our lives slow down in the summer and sometime they don’t.

WELL TODAY YOU ARE GOING TO DECIDE, your life is going to start being SIMPLE and full of JOY.

Before we can simplify our life, we need to start living a life of joy. Living a life of joy begins with GOD.

Have you ever heard the saying a routine becomes a habit after doing it for 21 days? Let’s try it and see. What do you have to lose? It will only take a few moments every morning to start by reading your email and spending a few minutes with God.

I PROMISE IF YOU DO THIS FOR 21 DAYS, your life will have so much more JOY. Then we will begin simplifying your life.

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