Joy & Simple – Day 11 of Joy


Psalm 4:6-7 (MSG)  Why is everyone hungry for more? “More,more,” they say. “More, more.” I have God’s more-than-enough, More joy in one ordinary day.

How many of you have seen the AT&T commercial about more is better? Below is  link so you can watch it.  (You may want to click off of it after a few seconds but I wanted you to get the point of this post.)


Our world is consumed with more, more, more.  When you go to a fast food and order, they ask do you want to up size or value size. Our world is convinced that more is better.

I have noticed on social media and the news, the small or tiny house band wagon some people are jumping on. I’m not really sure that’s not a bad idea. When you have a big house you think you must have more stuff to fill it. When you have a big car you think you need more to fill it.  We all, even kids, are always wanting the next big (more) thing.

The new iPhone 6 came out and so many people had to trade up to get more! More! They think the new phone will have more for them. When kids see a new toy on TV, even though, they may have a smaller version of it, they want more!

It seems like things must not have changed a whole lot in over 2000 years, because David wrote about more in the Psalms. Even in other parts of the Bible it tells of people wanting more. Eve wanted more in the Garden of Eden when she was tempted by Satan. She wanted to know more! Judas wanted more silver so he handed Jesus over?  More money.

More has been a problem since God created earth BUT we have to realize as David puts it in this Psalm, God is more than enough. God should be our enough and make us more than joyful.

I’m not going to say it’s easy. It wasn’t easy before Jesus, it wasn’t easy while Jesus was walking on earth, and it’s not easy now.

We have to be willing to Read More, Pray More, Rejoice More.  Then we will be More Joyful.  It will take more work, more time, and more patience.  But we can have More.  More with our more than enough – God!!!

Will you make God your More than enough today to make you More Joyful?

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